Monday, January 31, 2005

Would it be neat if...

I hope to turn this into a series of article's so let's see how this goes. Feed back is welcome.

Have you ever started watching a show and have it all of the sudden pulled off TV. Well I know the Trio network sometimes plays canceled shows, but alas Adelphia does not carry that channel. So would it be neat if their was a channel were rarely seen shows can be watched?

I would love to see the rest of Freaks and Geeks (good thing it's on DVD) and I would love to see pilot's that never made it to air. I mean someone spent money to make them give them a chance to be seen at least once by the public. I have a idea for a reality show that has pilot's fighting to become a series. I know, I know some people are sick of reality shows, but some of them are good ( The Amazing Race).

Anyone else like this idea?

Sunday, January 30, 2005

Oh No Snow!

Yes, as every flake drops and every weather person strike fear into the eyes of Pittsburghers, I say PLEASE get a life.

It's snow. It's not like we never get it. It happens every year and it will happen the next year and the year after. I saw some of the craziest things while driving home from work at 2:30 in the morning.

This city has some strange thing with driving, most people cannot correctly drive during a nice summer day so when you add snow into the mix it creates disaster.

So I am driving on the Parkway and through the Fort Pitt Tunnels and I get into the appropriate lane that I new the exit was in. So why did this insane person who was in the far left lane decide at the last moment he wanted to get off at the Greentree/Crafton exit at, oh say directly in front of my car. Good thing for powerful Anti-lock breaks on my Escape. There was plenty of time for him to move to the appropriate lane going up the hill. But I guess he decided for the thrill of moving over 2 lanes in the snow not caring what the might happen.

The second thing that drives me nuts is I know people have some strange fear of the tunnels and slam on the breaks while entering. Well, yesterday I never saw so many people slam on the breaks after exiting the tunnel. Just drive normally please! Don't speed and DON'T drive 25 mph.

Hesitation Kills.

Also, don't let local weather person strike fear in your heart just because they say snow. The supermarkets love it though. I wonder what kind of deal they have going with the stations. LOL

Later everyone.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Photo Update #1

Well I decided to post some of my phots I have taken in Black and White and Added color to them with Photoshop. Here's the first one. It's of the Round-UP at Idlewild Park. Posted by Hello

Friday, January 28, 2005

Lessons in unity from Pittsburgh

I don't know if anyone posted this yet. We got this from one of our sales staff in our e-mail at the radio station. I give credit Mr. Fineman for this great column on MSNBC. Here are his words:

""Lessons in unity from Pittsburgh

We're all in this together whether we like it or not

By Howard Fineman

MSNBC contributor

Updated: 10:50 a.m. ET Jan. 27, 2005

WASHINGTON - I didn't have change for the bus but it didn't matter because I was back home and figured that somebody would help me.

It was nearly 11 o'clock at night, and a frigid downtown Pittsburgh was fast emptying out after the Steelers game. My 13-year-old son and I had raced to a bus that, I knew from childhood memory, would take us to my mother's home. But I didn't have the right change for the $3 fare for the two of us.

The bus driver rolled his eyes, but gave me time. Standing in the aisle, I asked, "Does anybody have change?" as the bus lurched around a corner to Fifth Avenue. The "71 Negley" was packed. There were other dejected refugees from Heinz Field, wearing "Big Ben" ski caps or "Bus" jerseys; maintenance workers heading home from the second shift; nurses on their way to night duty at the hospitals near the University of Pittsburgh. Rows of sympathetic eyes looked at us. Passengers fumbled with their wallets or purses. No luck. Finally, a corporate-looking fellow in a ski jacket spoke up. "Here, take the three dollars," he said. "I can't do that!" I replied. "Go ahead," he insisted. "Somebody did this for me just the other day."

In Washington, I live in a divided world of Red vs. Blue - Republican against Democrat, Heartland vs. Coasts, Rush Limbaugh vs. Al Franken. But last weekend, for two blessed days, I was enveloped in a unified world of Black and Gold. There are lessons in that place for the country and for the president who would lead it, the main ones being: We are all in this together. Winning is important, but not the only thing. In America, pride of place is an all-but-forgotten form of salvation. Cities matter.

Those of you who know me from this column know that I am a native Pittsburgher - the fifth of five generations if you count my immigrant great-great grandmother, who came over late, and may not quite have known where she was. I am absurdly proud of my hometown and devoted to the football team that embodies it. My son and I happily schlepped via Amtrak through a snowstorm to the Auld Sod. We watched the Steelers succumb to the tough and smart - but colorless and technocratic - New England Patriots. The loss hurt, but, in the end, not much.

All about being there
What mattered was being there, with family, in a city that always felt like family. I am not naïve about Pittsburgh. I know the history. It was and to some extent still is divided by race (ask August Wilson) and class (ask the Steelworkers) and income (ask the members of the Duquesne Club), and by its chaotic and divisive topography. Rivers, hills and valleys isolated each ethnic group. Growing up in Squirrel Hill, you headed into foreign territory when you crossed the bridge into Greenfield. You didn't go to Italian Lawrenceville or Polish Hill or the black Hill District. And you certainly didn't venture out to Sewickley, where the WASPs were.

And yet, ultimately, no one in Pittsburgh was or is allowed to pull rank. It's a civic crime. More than that, it's impossible: If you are a Pittsburgher, well, that's what you are, whether you are a Mellon or guy who sells them. Pittsburgh is the Bigs, but is hundreds of miles from the biggest of the big leagues (New York and Chicago). Set off alone in Western Pennsylvania, Pittsburghers are united in their splendid isolation and in pride in being better than those other more famous places. When I was a kid, it was both a boast and a curse that everything in our city was the biggest or best "between New York and Chicago." All that really meant was that we had it over Cleveland.

When I was a kid, the sense of civic identity came from something else as well: excellent public institututions, funded by charities and tax money. We had the best in libraries, schools, museums, parks and playgrounds. They belonged to everyone - and everyone, high and low, used them.

You could see the unity of the city in the parking lot of tailgaters hours before the game. The standard male fan uniform was blue jeans (usually with a Terrible Towel hanging from the belt), work boots and Steelers jacket. But making their way to the stadium were guys in overcoats and college caps, and the Land Rovers and battered trucks were side by side.

A gargantuan twirling marigold
By kickoff, Heinz Field was full to the brim with the largest crowd in its history. The snowstorm had kept the New England fans away (much to the dismay of scalpers, I'm sure), and the view from our box was vivid almost beyond belief: 66,000 roaring people twirling bright yellow Terrible Towels, turning the stadium into a gargantuan marigold whipped by the wind.

In politics, that kind of display can be frightening, an ominous emblem of dictatorship and ideological rigidity. But no dictator ordered the fans to do this, no one organized it, and the only message was a benign one: Here we are! We chose to be here to support our team, our town and each other.

The game went badly, of course. The rookie quarterback played like a rookie. The inspirational but unimaginative coach - a Pittsburgh native as tough and unbending as stainless steel - lost his fifth championship game in six tries.

In the bus, no one seemed angry. It had been a good year - better than anyone had expected. The consensus of the Heinz Field fans and those who had watched the game (just about everyone else) was that the rookie would grow, and improve. As for the coach, well, he was from Pittsburgh. "They'll never fire him," said the nurse on his way to the hospital. "He's family."

Howard Fineman is Newsweek's chief political correspondent and an NBC News analyst""

This is what keeps me here in the city for some reason are stories like that and home in the end Pittsburgh, despite it's faults is not that bad of a place.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Job Search: part deux

Yeah so I have been watching I love the 90s: part deux on VH1 too much. Sorry for the corny title. But to the Point the job search is going a little better more opportunities are abound. I had some guy call me but it was one of those send your full resume and cover letter to my Yahoo Address. Yeah not much fun.

I found more interesting jobs, I hope someone finds me qualified for something. Or over qualified as on person told me. Yes I was over qualified for something that other people send me rejection letters for. I find that strange what's up with these companies these days so picky and yet so whinny.

Back to searching!


Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Eve

So it's the night before the AFC championship game. There is a sense of euphoria in the city. There is hope, excitement and a hint of nervousness. Something this city needs really. In football teams play once a week not like baseball, basketball or hockey (What's that?). So time is spent analyzing games over and over and over and over... You get the point. SO who is sick of it?

I am sick of hearing about Corey Dillon, the gloves and how New England is the best team in the world and how there coach is perceived as some sort of god to any ESPN and/or Fox sports anchor. But what else is there to do when there is a weeks time between games?

So let's over look and over examine everything for fun or lack of news content because it's what everyone wants. Who wants to see another road to the super bowl special with Sally and Andrew or the Subway Verizon Wireless #1 Cochran Sports Hooptie Doo. ( I hope that full fills my advertising contracts, Just kidding).

I cannot wait until tomorrow night and then we can either cheer or jeer. Let's hope we cheer. We can use it in the city.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Job Search

Why is finding a job so hard? I have been poking around looking for a full-time job. I like my Part-time job but unfortunately the bills of college expenses and daily life add up and money gets slim. So, If employers are desperate for employees why is every job available require "3-5 years experience REQUIRED!" Yes, most job post say "required" or "must have" in big bold letters.

Another thing I have found is these companies that have these clients like local sports,entertainment and this and that, but have so random email address to e-mail resumes and portfolios too. I'm sorry but sending info to joeschmo@yahoo,hotmail, etc... Does not seem reliable or legit.

Does anyone think I'm being to picky? And I'm sick of getting sales job offers. I don't like sales. I don't that cut throat and I am being lied to when people say it's just friendly competition. Yeah sure it is.

So if anyone is looking for a college grad who's degree is in Ad/PR and had promotions experience in radio that can be applied elsewhere let me know. Hey, shameless plugs sometimes work.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Orange Bowl and Alias

I know everyone who thinks this is about the trouncing of Oklahoma by USC, but about the horrible half-time show with Ashlee Simpson. Now what marketing genius thought "Oh, lets put the girl on world-wide television and let her redeem herself from lip-syncing on SNL."

Two thing: 1) Anyone over the age of 14 DOES NOT CARE about Ashlee Simpson. So she was not the best pick for a college bowl game.

2) I think America is finally fed up with no talent singers. Just because your sister can sing doesn't mean you can.

I felt bad for Kelly Clarkson, because when they gave her a mic that worked she sounded good. By the way Ms. Simpson is coming to Pittsburgh in March for a concert tour at the Benedum. I suggest not going or take ear plugs.

Second topic Alias is back on.

I am thrilled that they dumped all the rambaldie crap and stuck with what made Alias so good in the first two seasons. The two hour premiere was the best 2 hours of television in the past 6 months. I don't think any movie could top the twists and turns of this show. J.J. Abraham's is a genius. And now that it's at a decent time following LOST, I hope it gets the respect it deserves.

Ok, I'm done and outta here.

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

A Pittsburgh that might have been

Ok, let me start with a little background so people don't start yip yapping about every deatil.When I was in college I lived downtown. Yes, amazing as it seems I survived 4 years of living there and made the best of it. Eventhough to do anything it was a freezing winter walk over the Smithfield Street Bridge. But what could have Downtown Pittsburgh been like instead of its current state of empty buildings and many panhandlers. Well, here are my thoughts.

Well living downtown for 4 years was tough, I mean it's true there really is nothing to do. Well, you really had to look hard to find something at least. I know a lot of people are rejoicing the Mayor Murphy is not running for re-election but who the hell would want the job he has. It's not like everything he did was so horrible. He at least tried to bring stuff into Pittsburgh. The whole 5th and Forbes project would have been a plus, but all the little shop owners complained they would go out of business. Well what happened...NOTHING! And where are half those shops now CLOSED!

These little mom and pop shops could have been intergrated into the proposed project. Just think of new restaurant's and shops sprinkled with little coffee shops and CD stores(Record Exchange). A crushing blow to the college community downtown (YES, there is one) was the closing of CG Murphy's. They had everything you needed for half the cost of CVS next door. I would have loved a movie theater, some restaurant's that weren't so expensive as a Palamino's. Hell an Applebees would have be great. But because of the strange fear of change Pittsburghers have the Project which was always called "Plan (some letter of the alphabet, there were many)" never materialized.

I know it's also hard to convince retailers to come to a "dying city" but they did have some but as time progressed they lost interest and saw how unable a city was to compromise and left town for bigger growing city's like Cleveland. Yes, I said it! I hope that something eventually comes into downtown. At least the cultural District is growing. It's one of the few thing Pittsburgh has and hopefully will continue to grow. Until then we have the South Side Works, which I guess is similar to what was to be 5th and Forbes and My wish for the North Shore is not to take away all the parking lots to put in Office buildings for Equitable Gas and what have you. I hope the amphitheater gets built and try to woo ESPN to build an ESPN Zone in between the two stadiums think of the attention on Monday Night Football or anything covered on ESPN here. They broadcast live from the one in Baltimore. Here's to a better Pittsburgh in 2005 and beyond.


Monday, January 03, 2005

NO Respect

I have heard a lot of things over the past 20+ years of life. Mostly a lot of BS. But can someone tell my why the Steelers cannot get any respect on ESPN or Fox Sports.

They just had 2rd and 4th string players beat the Buffalo Bills. And they say they just played a bad Bills team. WHAT! Minutes before the game began they were praising the Bills on how they turned around their season, how they can make the playoffs with an easy win of these third and fourth string players. Well that didn't happen and since the idea of great television of a football team going 0-4 and end up 10-6 and going to the play-offs quickly went out the window, they just got pissed. And boo-hooed on the 15-1 Steelers. But let us praise the New England for winning 21-7. Yippee Skippy!<=== Note sarcasim.

So if you don't like the Steelers fine I don't care if you like them or hate them, but give credit where credit is due. They have proved themselves all season. One player goes down another steps up. New England players went down and they struggled at least I can sit back and know if a Steeler goes down there is depth that exists on this team where someone can step up and take charge. Just because it's not spectacular TV you gotta give credit.



Well for x-mas my parents got me tickets to Disney World. So all I have to do is book hotel,transportation and flight. Oh and find someone to go with. Kinda good kinda bad sort of thing, but at least I'll go on vacation.


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