Sunday, January 30, 2005

Oh No Snow!

Yes, as every flake drops and every weather person strike fear into the eyes of Pittsburghers, I say PLEASE get a life.

It's snow. It's not like we never get it. It happens every year and it will happen the next year and the year after. I saw some of the craziest things while driving home from work at 2:30 in the morning.

This city has some strange thing with driving, most people cannot correctly drive during a nice summer day so when you add snow into the mix it creates disaster.

So I am driving on the Parkway and through the Fort Pitt Tunnels and I get into the appropriate lane that I new the exit was in. So why did this insane person who was in the far left lane decide at the last moment he wanted to get off at the Greentree/Crafton exit at, oh say directly in front of my car. Good thing for powerful Anti-lock breaks on my Escape. There was plenty of time for him to move to the appropriate lane going up the hill. But I guess he decided for the thrill of moving over 2 lanes in the snow not caring what the might happen.

The second thing that drives me nuts is I know people have some strange fear of the tunnels and slam on the breaks while entering. Well, yesterday I never saw so many people slam on the breaks after exiting the tunnel. Just drive normally please! Don't speed and DON'T drive 25 mph.

Hesitation Kills.

Also, don't let local weather person strike fear in your heart just because they say snow. The supermarkets love it though. I wonder what kind of deal they have going with the stations. LOL

Later everyone.


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