Saturday, January 22, 2005

The Eve

So it's the night before the AFC championship game. There is a sense of euphoria in the city. There is hope, excitement and a hint of nervousness. Something this city needs really. In football teams play once a week not like baseball, basketball or hockey (What's that?). So time is spent analyzing games over and over and over and over... You get the point. SO who is sick of it?

I am sick of hearing about Corey Dillon, the gloves and how New England is the best team in the world and how there coach is perceived as some sort of god to any ESPN and/or Fox sports anchor. But what else is there to do when there is a weeks time between games?

So let's over look and over examine everything for fun or lack of news content because it's what everyone wants. Who wants to see another road to the super bowl special with Sally and Andrew or the Subway Verizon Wireless #1 Cochran Sports Hooptie Doo. ( I hope that full fills my advertising contracts, Just kidding).

I cannot wait until tomorrow night and then we can either cheer or jeer. Let's hope we cheer. We can use it in the city.


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