Thursday, February 24, 2005

Radom musings of high school past Pt. 1

OK, so I held some things in for five years, but most people hold them longer. Approaching 5 years after college I look around at the few people I still talk to. I consider people I talk to by this definition: having verbal communication with one in the past 365 days. Good definition, huh? People are married, have kids and are not married, slackers, burn outs, still in college, have crappy jobs, in jail, or my favorite, still can’t let go of high school.

Let me explain.

My current job finds me at clubs and/or places where college aged people attend frequently. When I see people I graduated with in large groups I find myself cringing at the sight of this. Our senior class never got a long well it was based in many sub-divisions of cliques. The request for a senior picture was met with revolt because no one can stand each other long enough to take a picture. So when I left I left and moved on. While some still try to clutch one to the memories for some reason.

Maybe it’s the fact that after high school these people lost al popularity because: 1) they didn’t go to college and make new friends. 2) Realized that after high school that people were their friends just to be liked and instead of them (popular) using people they were being used and abused.

So, I walk into one of Pittsburgh’s fine clubs in the strip where I normally go and low and behold it was a parade of “can’t let goes.” So I sit with my friends, watching the parade and think why here? I know everyone as a right to be their, but to see that many in one space a little over whelming to me. But I ignore and try not to cross paths with said people and have a decent night. I know I will come face to face with some of these people, I all ready have with some, but I just don’t know how I will handle these, either treat them like they treated others back then or give them a chance. Well see.

Some reactions coming in part 2 or the people I have crossed paths with.


Friday, February 18, 2005

When will it end?

Ok, the FOX network has gone too far!

While killing time before the 8 p.m. shows start I was watching Entertainment Tonight. And they kept talking about “Stars without Make-up.” You’re kidding me, right! I mean people we see on TV are not supernatural robots who look perfect 24/7! Get outta here!

Yes, believe it or not people that appear in movies or that are on television are just normal people whose jobs are to entertain. They all don’t go out with perfect hair and make-up everyday. What is so shocking about this that FOX has to turn it into a special. We are talking about a network that, on occasion, comes out with entertaining programs, but they also show “Who’s your Daddy,” “When Animals Attack 97” and “Joe Millionaire 2.”

What has happened to TV?

Ok, I just had to get that out.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The NHL Blues

I guess it’s time to say good-bye finally to the NHL. After months of procrastination in the eleventh hour they try to strike a deal. This deal had a compromise the league backed off the revenue sharing and the players accepted a cap. A cap that they refused to accept since the last lock out they finally gave in.

So is there a season? Well, no.

Players want the cap at $52 Mill and the league wants it at $40 mill. $12 million apart, not a shabby agreement, if they would have come up with this in say September. Then all could have been worked out, but everyone was stubborn. So as I reflect on what may happen here’s how I see it!

Eventually this will be resolved I think the cap should be $40 mill. I have to agree mostly with the owners here because; there is not much passion for hockey in the states as the rest of the world.

Two, if there was a season most players went somewhere else to play hockey and would not have returned to those players I saw don’t come back. Why? Well it seems greedy to go overseas and play hockey for nothing, but when you come back you want millions of dollars. Well salaries due depend on revenue and in most towns, like Pittsburgh, that’s not much. I think the Pens are lucky their games are carried on or tv stations.

Three, I see some teams not coming back the Pens are endangered because let’s face it; you got to win back a lot of fans. And I know most of the people at the games last year were their on comp tickets. I was able to get free tickets to any home game last year, which was great for a college student. But that doesn’t bring revenue. Say good-bye to some other teams’ maybe Florida or San Jose.

And finally four, Go ahead take a year off but take that time to also refine the game. Go with wider rinks show what skill players have. Challenge them. That’s why Olympic Hockey is so good. Fix the minor flaws, tweak things.

It’s going to be a rough journey for the NHL to reach high popularity, but let us hope it finds a solution for those waiting to watch.


Thursday, February 10, 2005

Is Valentines Day that special?

I pose this question because as I grow older I realize that people base their relationships on select days. Think about it there’s the first date, birthday, Christmas, Valentines Day and then we hit the Wedding. You might think well so yeah that’s, uh…right. But do people put too much into some of these days?

Someone I work with always says, “If I treat you right everyday, meaning don’t lie, cheat or steal from you, I don’t have to buy you a box of chocolates (gift, card and flowers) on (said holiday).” He also takes his girlfriend out to dinner 4 or 5 times a week. I think he has a point.

Someone can treat someone like they are the world but when on of the mentioned days above comes around, why do people freak out when warned in advanced that they won’t be receiving any Hallmark Greetings. Since when is “love” a piece a paper written by someone else, flowers, and chocolates?

Just something to think about this coming week?

Monday, February 07, 2005

Local Investigation Reports

Ok, So I have a small pet peeve about our local TV stations. Those damn (insert station name or calls) investigates! Or as I like to call them lets make things bigger then they are.

The one station and person that kills me is KDKA and Marty Griffin. That guy tries to be P.T. Barnum or something. He is loud and obnoxious. Well, John Delano is too, but that's another story. I loved during the floods in September when he kept yelling at cars passing through a flooded road on camera. The fact that I have to turn down the volume on the TV when he appears is also not great. Most of these reports are not concerning to people. Who remembers when he went into local parks trying to find men having sex with other men in the pavilions??? Was that something that needed investigated?

WPXI also does some strange things. They do their usual sweeps "How safe is this restaurant" thing. Ok provides some value, but when Becky Thompson had a, I think it was, producer drink and then take a simulated driving test. That was hysterical! They kept feeding this guy drinks for almost 2 hours before he was deemed legally drunk then have him drive on this simulator that ad people randomly appearing that he had to avoid. Not that life-like. I do see the point they were trying to make, but it failed.

WTAE, well they do some pointless things here or their. But seem to be the best in my opinion on making news personal and not "OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" type of way. I miss Susan Koeppen on test it Tuesday, those were actually useful to consumers. Wendy Bell does a nice job on credit cards and cell phone issues. Just very down tot he point and enjoyable to watch. No screaming or trying to strike fear into anyone.

Ok that's all for now. Later

Sunday, February 06, 2005

A Pittsburgh guy walks into a bar and up to Paris Hilton...

Yes, I know the title is long, but did anyone see the last sketch of SNL last night? I watched it this morning thanks to TIVO. But Seth Meyers, who is from Boston, is in a New York bar and walks up to this girl played by Paris Hilton and tries to hit on her and repeats phrases like "jag-off" and "yinz" every so often.

The mustached clad Meyers starts talking about beer, the AFC Championship game then talks about Bill Cowher. He continues on trying to impress the girl with his impression of him and then tries to give is phone number which was a 412-555-something and she goes 412-no no no.

Kind of funny, but strange. They never say Pittsburgh to refer to the city but when he said 412 you know it was implied. So it was a bad Pittsburgh stereotype. Just by saying "yinz" and "jag-off" constantly doesn't make a person more Pittsburgh.

Coming up on Lost College Grad. Local news investigative reporters and the need for fear or Why does Marty Griffin have to be an ass all the time!

Thursday, February 03, 2005

A Different View

This is a picture you can't find anymore. This was in front of the Gold Rusher at Kennywood Park. This figure was removed after the 2003 season but shot in black and white it looks pretty real. The best part of B&W is how it can take a picture in an amusement park and make it look like somewhere else. Posted by Hello

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