Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Remember that Show: 3/21/06

Well, it’s spring outside, can’t you tell with all the cold weather.

Any who it’s Tuesday so that means a brand new remember that show blog. What shall I write about today?

I know what it is to view the intro of the show, since it really has no lyrics, click HERE.

Welcome to the first Tuesday of spring and “Remember that Show: Clarissa Explains It All”

This Nick show was produced at Nickelodeon Studios at Universal Studios in Orlando Florida that is what it said at the end of each show. Boy have times changed since Nick is out of the Universal area and nothing is produced there anymore.

This show ran for 5 seasons and produced 65 episodes and was about teenage life. Dealing with parents, siblings, friends and feelings Clarissa talks directly to the audience in an attempt to, I can’t believe I’m writing this, explain it all.

It was a good show; after all it ran 5 seasons on a network when 2-3 was usually the max.

Clarissa was of course played by Melissa Joan Hart who because of this show shot up into stardom, well stardom-ish career.

After the show ended she tried some TV movies then came back in Sabrina the Teenage Witch and made some funny teen movies. Recently she gave birth to her first child.

What else to I remember about this show, well her neighbor, Sam, never used the door and always climbed through Clarissa window. Then she had a pet alligator that she kept in her room in a kiddy pool named Elvis.

Then there was her brother Ferguson, who was her arch rival, then her mom with a health nut boarder line hippie. Well if memory serves me correctly her parents once were hippies in there younger days.

The good news is that Clarissa Explains it all is available on DVD and you can enjoy all the Nick goodness it once was.

Totally off subject but only 20 days until I go on vacation, yeah sunny Florida here I come.

Ok that’s it for this week.

Later Days!


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