Monday, January 03, 2005

NO Respect

I have heard a lot of things over the past 20+ years of life. Mostly a lot of BS. But can someone tell my why the Steelers cannot get any respect on ESPN or Fox Sports.

They just had 2rd and 4th string players beat the Buffalo Bills. And they say they just played a bad Bills team. WHAT! Minutes before the game began they were praising the Bills on how they turned around their season, how they can make the playoffs with an easy win of these third and fourth string players. Well that didn't happen and since the idea of great television of a football team going 0-4 and end up 10-6 and going to the play-offs quickly went out the window, they just got pissed. And boo-hooed on the 15-1 Steelers. But let us praise the New England for winning 21-7. Yippee Skippy!<=== Note sarcasim.

So if you don't like the Steelers fine I don't care if you like them or hate them, but give credit where credit is due. They have proved themselves all season. One player goes down another steps up. New England players went down and they struggled at least I can sit back and know if a Steeler goes down there is depth that exists on this team where someone can step up and take charge. Just because it's not spectacular TV you gotta give credit.



At 5:54 PM, Blogger mikE said...

steelers are awesome
to bad mike vikings blow ass, yet still make playoffs


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