Monday, May 01, 2006

The Arch-nemesis

It’s been a while since I wrote a normal Blog, oh and thanks for the comments on the video stuff. I’m going to try to do more on that with stuff we do at the station.

So what to talk about today? I know what arch-nemeses. Yes we all probably have more than one.

Let’s be honest we all hate someone and they hate us back and do stuff to spite us. And thus they become or arch-nemesis.
The never really go away they just go into hiding and then reappear, usually at an inappropriate time.

I have had 2 in my life, both female, and quite possibly working on a third who is male. I just think it’s a necessary evil. And it’s kind of fun to have.

The first was in high school and it was this well bitchy girl who liked to spite a lot of people. She tried controlling people using the “I’m going to make you liked” powers on people.  Let’s dub her “Connie the Controller,” and Connie is not here real name. Her name doesn’t even big with a “C.”

Sorry I didn’t even believe and that and told her a few times in public around her minions I didn’t care for her antics. And because of this is public truth, arch-nemesis number one was born.

It died right after graduation. Because I think I talk to about um 5 people I went to high school with. And be honest people I went to high school with that may read this you don’t care either.

Arch-nemesis Two: The College Years. Anyone who went to college with me knows who this person is and the victim she took with her.

And now that victim leads sheltered life. Oh well. They were gone after the junior year when I just didn’t care anymore.

Yeah I know not much to say about number two but there’s a reason I won’t right anything, like a slander suit because it could get ugly.

So we all have them so come on share who’s you arch-nemesis?

People want to know. Actually just me.



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