Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"Remeber that Show" 2/21/06

Wow time is moving fast and we are approaching the end of February and the temperature is frightful, then extremely warm then freezing cold once more. I can’t wait for spring.

So let sit around a nice fire and tell some stories, that’s your hint for what’s coming up in today’s “Remember that Show.”

Theme song plea…what no theme song?

Just creepy music.

Ok then welcome to “Remember that Show: Are you Afraid of the Dark?”

This show had more life then people realize. It air from 1992-1996 in the SNICK (Saturday Night Nick) with shows like “Roundhouse,” and “Ren and Stimpy.” In 1996 it was cancelled after five season and them three years later was brought back to life for 2 season’s form 1999-2000. So pull up your “big orange couch and remember”

The premise of the show was a group of kids dubbed “The Midnight Society” would meet in the woods and tell spooky stories around the campfire and whoever was chosen for the story would throw some kind of dust into the fire and then say the name of the tale. Then we would see a live action version of it.

The one that sticks out to me was this one where there was a claw and it had tree “toes” and they were for wishes, but the wishes always had a down side. It was pretty freaky and sometimes too intense for a younger audience.

Since the Midnight Society was only seen at the beginning and end of the show, Are You Afraid of the Dark relied heavily on guest stars, the most prominent of whom included Melissa Joan Hart (of Clarissa Explains it All), and Will Friedle (of Boy Meets World, and earlier, Nickelodeon's Don't Just Sit There!).

Also some of the original cast has continued to act. Vanessa Lengies played “Evangeline or Vang” in “…Dark?” but she also was on the NBC series “American Dreams” as “Roxanne,” Rachel Blanchard (Kristen) has been on “Clueless,” “War of the Worlds,” and “Joey.”

Luckily “Are you Afraid of the Dark?” is available on DVD so go out and catch up on this truly once great SNICK show.

Everyone have a great week. Hopefully, I’ll write more than one blog this week. We shall see. Until next week keep remembering and any suggestions for show are welcome.

Later Days!


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