Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Remeber that Show: 3-28-06

I hear that the weather is going to be better this week! Yeah! It’s going to be 71 on Friday and then Doom and Gloom on Saturday at 56 degrees. I’m not a weatherman, but I believe if needed I would be able to do a traffic report. Way better then the guy fromm KDKA.

Ok enough of that it’s Tuesday and that mean another remember that show!

Here is your hint this week:

Doooo dooo doo do doot!

Makes no sense huh click here for a clip!

So if you clicked you know the show, if not, well then welcome to Tuesday March 28, 2006 and “Remember that Show: DOUG”

Ah yes what started out as one of the original Nicktoons then became twisted when Disney bought it, was on of the best Nicktoons ever!

It ran from 1991-1996 on Nickelodeon and then in 1996 Jumbo Pictures was bought by Disney and the switch of Networks was made and ran through 1999.

The series takes place in the fictitious town of Bluffington (where Doug and his family has moved from Bloatsburg) and deals with the life and imagination of title character, grade-schooler and diarist Doug Funnie, his dog Porkchop, good friends Skeeter Valentine and Patti Mayonnaise, and his nemesis, Roger Klotz, the school bully.

The show usually began with Doug writing in his journal and the episode would be a flashback. There were life lessons involved and he was always in conflict with his “artistic” sister Judy.

Another theme in the series regards Doug's feelings for Patti, with whom he falls in love upon first setting eyes on her. Some episodes focus on this and also involve either Doug attempting to get closer to Patti or his frantic attempts to stop her discovering his feelings.

Notable in the series' character design is the frequent use of unusual names and skin colors. Doug is of Caucasian tone, whereas neighbor Mr. Dink is purple, Skeeter is blue, Patti is a darker shade of orange with blonde hair, and Roger is green. The use of scat singing and vocally-derived melodies (for the starting theme and other instances like the recurring theme for Patti Mayonnaise) and erratic sounds and noises for various characters (particularly for Skeeter) further expressed the unique and eccentric design of this cartoon series. Talk about color blind casting.
That was Nickelodeon Doug, the in 1996 “Disney’s Doug” aired. The new episodes brought a new baby sister for Doug as well as a change in age to 12½ years old. It also brought a new haircut for Patti, more money for Roger, weight loss for Connie, and much more. This included a change of clothes for everyone (like Doug’s new longer undershirt)  and a brand new middle school.
When Disney got a hold of the property the created a show at Disney’s MGM Studios called “Doug Live” where Doug faced rager and then went to see his favorite band “The Beets” with audience members being selected to be “The Beets” sininger there number one smash hit “Killer Tofu.”
It’s unclear if Disney will ever show anymore episodes of “Doug” and it’s not available on DVD either. So to those who have memories of “Doug” like I do, well you’re lucky.
That’s it for this week, only 13 days until vacation that mean no “Remember that Show” on the week of the 9th.
Until next week,
Later Days!


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