Thursday, January 06, 2005

Orange Bowl and Alias

I know everyone who thinks this is about the trouncing of Oklahoma by USC, but about the horrible half-time show with Ashlee Simpson. Now what marketing genius thought "Oh, lets put the girl on world-wide television and let her redeem herself from lip-syncing on SNL."

Two thing: 1) Anyone over the age of 14 DOES NOT CARE about Ashlee Simpson. So she was not the best pick for a college bowl game.

2) I think America is finally fed up with no talent singers. Just because your sister can sing doesn't mean you can.

I felt bad for Kelly Clarkson, because when they gave her a mic that worked she sounded good. By the way Ms. Simpson is coming to Pittsburgh in March for a concert tour at the Benedum. I suggest not going or take ear plugs.

Second topic Alias is back on.

I am thrilled that they dumped all the rambaldie crap and stuck with what made Alias so good in the first two seasons. The two hour premiere was the best 2 hours of television in the past 6 months. I don't think any movie could top the twists and turns of this show. J.J. Abraham's is a genius. And now that it's at a decent time following LOST, I hope it gets the respect it deserves.

Ok, I'm done and outta here.


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