Monday, February 27, 2006

People Who Entertain Me Award

As my last post suggested I don’t have “hero’s” or “mentors” but I do have people who entertain me and I decided to feature some of them here in my blog.

The first “People who Entertain Me Award” goes to my friend Jaime Fox.

Notice the spelling, it’s not the actor. But if you go to my MySpace page you’ll find her in my Top 20 with (the celeb) next to her name.

Why “the Celeb?” Because she just is. And is probably the only person I know who has reached a goal in her life.

But she has always entertained me since college. There were the months of “Night Caps” at the Hard Rock and Mondays at “Casa de Hoot.” There was abandonment when she left for Disney though, but she came back and there were more good times jammin’ out to Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits in the KIA.

There were many new phrases that were coined and used more often, like “Busty Rhymes” and of course “Tipsy McStagger” added to her other terms “vomitzva,” and “sippy-do.”

And it’s because of that we salute you Jaime Fox as the first recipient of the “People who Entertain Me Award.”


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