Thursday, February 24, 2005

Radom musings of high school past Pt. 1

OK, so I held some things in for five years, but most people hold them longer. Approaching 5 years after college I look around at the few people I still talk to. I consider people I talk to by this definition: having verbal communication with one in the past 365 days. Good definition, huh? People are married, have kids and are not married, slackers, burn outs, still in college, have crappy jobs, in jail, or my favorite, still can’t let go of high school.

Let me explain.

My current job finds me at clubs and/or places where college aged people attend frequently. When I see people I graduated with in large groups I find myself cringing at the sight of this. Our senior class never got a long well it was based in many sub-divisions of cliques. The request for a senior picture was met with revolt because no one can stand each other long enough to take a picture. So when I left I left and moved on. While some still try to clutch one to the memories for some reason.

Maybe it’s the fact that after high school these people lost al popularity because: 1) they didn’t go to college and make new friends. 2) Realized that after high school that people were their friends just to be liked and instead of them (popular) using people they were being used and abused.

So, I walk into one of Pittsburgh’s fine clubs in the strip where I normally go and low and behold it was a parade of “can’t let goes.” So I sit with my friends, watching the parade and think why here? I know everyone as a right to be their, but to see that many in one space a little over whelming to me. But I ignore and try not to cross paths with said people and have a decent night. I know I will come face to face with some of these people, I all ready have with some, but I just don’t know how I will handle these, either treat them like they treated others back then or give them a chance. Well see.

Some reactions coming in part 2 or the people I have crossed paths with.



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