Monday, February 07, 2005

Local Investigation Reports

Ok, So I have a small pet peeve about our local TV stations. Those damn (insert station name or calls) investigates! Or as I like to call them lets make things bigger then they are.

The one station and person that kills me is KDKA and Marty Griffin. That guy tries to be P.T. Barnum or something. He is loud and obnoxious. Well, John Delano is too, but that's another story. I loved during the floods in September when he kept yelling at cars passing through a flooded road on camera. The fact that I have to turn down the volume on the TV when he appears is also not great. Most of these reports are not concerning to people. Who remembers when he went into local parks trying to find men having sex with other men in the pavilions??? Was that something that needed investigated?

WPXI also does some strange things. They do their usual sweeps "How safe is this restaurant" thing. Ok provides some value, but when Becky Thompson had a, I think it was, producer drink and then take a simulated driving test. That was hysterical! They kept feeding this guy drinks for almost 2 hours before he was deemed legally drunk then have him drive on this simulator that ad people randomly appearing that he had to avoid. Not that life-like. I do see the point they were trying to make, but it failed.

WTAE, well they do some pointless things here or their. But seem to be the best in my opinion on making news personal and not "OH MY GOD WE ARE GOING TO DIE!" type of way. I miss Susan Koeppen on test it Tuesday, those were actually useful to consumers. Wendy Bell does a nice job on credit cards and cell phone issues. Just very down tot he point and enjoyable to watch. No screaming or trying to strike fear into anyone.

Ok that's all for now. Later


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