Friday, April 22, 2005

Lady in Red...

Not I not going to quote that song, well I guess I all ready did, Oh well. We begin today's adventure in lovely Downtown Pittsburgh for those natives (Pixburgh).

Everyone with me so far good!

I generally find the people of "Da'Burgh" very friendly and nice, of course you got to take away a few crazy people that stalk the street, but other than that all is well.

I was downtown to see a show ("Hairspray" for those inquiring minds) afterward we walked back to the best parking garage in the world, the Theater Square one. $5 to park all day open for 24 hours HELL YEAH! Anywho, everyone was lines up at the elevators I was at the front of my group in the middle elevator. Their were 4 women in front of us we wait and then the door open.

They ladies fallow in and as I approach a women in her, I guess, 40s who was in line at the first elevator, wearing a bright red jacket, crosses over and attemps to get in front of me. I yelled "HELL NO" and she just pushes her bratty kid in front and hops in the elevator. She just pissed off more than me.

Now she is trapped next to me in an elevator with me staring her down. All she could do is look at the floor. I just kept muttering "How rude," like I was channeling the Olsen Twins.

I know it's just an elevator but common sense says wait your turn you inpatient bitch. I know strong language, but I was PISSED!

Ever happen to you?

I'll tell you about elevators and the college I went to yikes!



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