Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Gold Star of the Day

Yeah, Do you remember getting gold stars. Some kids just seemed to get them like they were a handout.

Well apparently anyone can get a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame now. Ryan Seacrest tool... I'm sorry host of American Idol gets a star tomorrow (Wednesday) on the walk of fame.

Why him? Why not Randy, Paula (god forbid), and Simon? Where is their star. Seacrest might be a nice guy, I never met him, but does he deserve a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Where is this World going?



At 2:07 AM, Anonymous ocB said...

lol I had the same feelings, I mean I just saw the other day that Sandra Bullock just got one, furthermore, there are a lot of big name movie stars waiting in line.

However, Ryans star is for radio. So..I guess Ill let it slide lol.

At 3:32 PM, Blogger carrotpenis said...

he's a no talent hack that has bad hair and dresses for shit. I did a post on this very subject....



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