Thursday, April 21, 2005

Watching GaS

I know sounds strange, but let me explain.

I have been so unproductive this week I have yet to put all my clothes away and clean out my closet that I have been planning to do since Monday. SO I was clicking through blog Explosion and watching Nick GaS (Games and ports) Whatching all the game shows I use to watch when I was a kid like Get the Picture (Mike O'Mally was the host), Legends of the Hidden Temple (One of my all time favorites), along with Finder Keepers, Double Dare and GUTS.

Yep, I lead a sad life. Regression to my childhood. But the really sad thing is I still can't get half the questions right and the ones that the kids get wrong are so obvious to me.

Has anyone watched this channel? I am so addicted right now.



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