Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Idol Breakdown

Well hello fellow bloggers I am back from a quick weekend off! I know some of you can care less in the 20-30 seconds your waiting to click away but I'm back!

So let's talk Idol. Not a good week, in my opinion, for the favorites. So let's break it down the songs from 200-2005.

Carrie Underwood- OK Ms. Underwood, you can sing not doubting that fact. You chose a Martina McBride song, country it's your thing, but it was just and OK performence.

Bo Bice- Bo you just don't entertain me anymore. I don't know what RAndy, Simon and Paula are thinking, but please let Gavin Degraw sing his song. Your version was sub-par.

Vonzell Salomn- Can I say how much I like you? You are consistant every week and you sang the Christina Agularia song well. Good for you. I hope you win.

Anthony Federov- Hole in throat boy(Sorry it freaks me out when I watch). Celine Dion? OK you are not my favorit, but you sang well tonight! Even though you should have been gone long ago. You shhould move on next week.

Constitine- (You know the last name won't stick) Nickelback huh, Don't be suprised if you end up in the bottom 3. That was horrible screaching piece of poo-poo you sung tonight. You lost a lot of fans for how bad you sang tonight and proved you have many flaws.

Scott Savol- Pack your bags your done. I totally agree with Simon on that. Luther Vandros "Dancing with my Father?" horrible rendition. You and your freakish fan club ran their course and be ready to say good-bye. If somehow you survive something is not right. Maybe that's what ABC's Primetime Live is going to expose.

That's it for now!



At 7:33 PM, Blogger mikka said...

I've tried so hard...no really...to stay interested in Idol, but it just isn't working. Vonzell is my last hope-- the girl makes me dance no matter what she sings.


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