Friday, May 13, 2005

Less is More?

The title of this post is actually really funny to me. One of the companies I work for uses it constantly.

The thing that gets me is that I do a lot at the company. I “wear many hats” let’s just say some fit better than others. But the reason I stick around I guess is because I came out of college a year ago and had no idea what to do. Since I interned at this place and was hired for some work I just stuck around.

I am one of those people who will do anything new. I’ll try anything at work just to learn something new. I get bored easily so anything new is interesting to me. Now the thing I don’t get is you do all of this stuff and yet the pay does not increase. So I have to keep the job at the amusement park summer job for 5 months to help me get through the winter.

I guess I just feel stuck. I like the fun radio job, but it’s not paying well and the amusement park job that I have had for 9 seasons pays more than the radio. I like how big corporations don’t like to pay people for the time they actually put in.

What to do?

Any ideas?

Or has this happen to anyone else?



At 12:45 AM, Anonymous Stan said...

I too graduated college but the got promoted at the job I started as part time. While I was going to school I found myself promoted twice and now that I had graduated I was running the place. I was now working a leadership position that I could have had without ever going to college. Once I realized that I started to look for alternatives. I no longer work there and am as happy as can be. I'm done with "jobs", it's time for a career.

At 5:40 PM, Blogger Jack Burden said...

Well, you should start looking for other jobs. But the first thing you need to do is figure out what it is you want to do - what job has a combination of the elements of the other jobs that you described enjoying (or some of those elements - the perfect job is hard to find). Books like "What Color Is Your Parachute" can help with this.

Don't settle for a boring/stressful job just to pay the bills. I've done that before, and it will catch up with you in a bad way. Keep looking until you're happy.


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