Tuesday, May 03, 2005

It's been awhile

No, that's all of that song you get! Yeah, I took a little blogging break. It's now been a year and two days since I graduated from college. Time really does fly, I remember January like it was yesterday.

So a year ago I seem to be the same situation. I hav two jobs, one I am actualy doing more in than last year, but it still pays nothing. The other is the same old job, which at some point I'll want to hurt some people because of their stupidity. But alas it pays more than the other job, which is why I'm still there.

The biggest difference I see is in the bank account. I had more money in my account when I was in college then I do now. I hate being so broke that I created the "Hey, I don't need lunch today diet!" Not that great, I know but what else can I do? I'm basically a hermit.

I can't go anywhere because I have no money and owe money for tution, car insurence and car payment, which are all do the same day. How bad does that suck.

Don't give me that "Welcome to the Real World" speach. It's CRAP! If the world isn't real until after you graduate college then what was it then and before that fake? Besides I've seen the "Real World" and all they do is drink heavily, party and fight with each other. Then they come back and compete for great prizes on the inferno.

I hope everyone gets that last paragraph. Oh, well!



At 3:57 PM, Blogger AllishkaJoy said...

"The Real World" - HA!


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