Friday, April 01, 2005

Baseball, Pittsburgh and bad slogans

OK, I know not everyone is a baseball fan, but the start of baseball is the beginning of a lot here in Pittsburgh. Most people around here haven’t seen a professional sport since the Steelers lost in January. So that is one reason now three more reasons why baseball can be fun.

The first reason there is something actually to do in Pittsburgh besides the same old club or show. I know many are going baseball is so boring, well I can’t argue with that it can be boring, but going to the game is fun because for a price less then going to the movies you can gather a bunch or friends head down and hang out in what I think is the best ballpark PNC Park.

Second, people go nuts for opening day. No losing streaks have hindered attendance, it’s a fun times. People take off or leave work early and enjoy the afternoon with 38,000 of your close friends and co-workers. You can get one of those damn bracelets that say Pirates like those damn live strong things the posers are wearing.

Third and lastly, you got to love a organization that will accept the slogan “Come Hungry” Yes, this year we have come hungry pirates. Come on you have to laugh at that. Way to go Blatner Bruener on that one!

Have a great opening day everyone!



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