Monday, March 21, 2005

Am I really doing something?

It was a strange day. I went to get Gas from GetGo, I had 20 cents off on my advantage card, on a side note here I love GetGo and yeah for Giant Eagle on thinking of this save money on gas thing. To all those other gas places learn to think and stop bitching.

Ok, back to the story. I then went to visit MJ as she works at a department store near the gas station. I talked to her for a little bit and then ran into someone else I went to college with talked to her got her story, she's a actress who works in a salon, go figure. So I was looking around the store and ran into another girl who I went to college with and thought "Whoa! What's going on?"

Got her story she does freelance work and works at the Clinique counter of the department store. And then I tell her what I'm doing working part-time at a radio station and stuff and she goes " I am glad that you are actually doing something with yourself." I then had to think to myself "Am I really doing something and I'm that blind not to see it?" I guess I am but to me it's just a fun job and hope it'll lead to greater things.

As I talk to more people I went to college with it seems everyone is feeling shafted by what they got out of it now. I always felt that way. Kind of coasted through and just basically get lucky sometimes on finding stuff to do. So all these former classmates think I am "Doing something," then what are they doing? I thought I was just having fun. Anyone know what this means?



At 5:25 PM, Blogger The Cure said...

I tell people that are in college all the time that it is not everything it is cracked up to be and they never believe me. I tell them it doesn't gurantee them a great career and even if they do get a career they aren't always as great as peeple think they are.

College is overrated and so are careers... so far only relationships seem to be worth something... they are hard work but seem to be all we really have. Invest in people, that is what I have figured out. We got to stop trying to find the Perfect Distraction.

At 7:51 PM, Blogger birdwoman said...

the reason they think you're doing something is that grass is always greener on the other side thing.

I loved college. But I agree on the careers thingy. I prefer a good book, in general.


At 9:09 AM, Blogger TastyKeish said...

I totally feel you on the whole doing something, thing. I just graduated, now i'm looking for my fun radio job that will seem like im doing something as well...


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