Friday, March 18, 2005

Remembering the high school fire

I don't know why memories of this just pop into my head, but here it goes.

In my junior year of high school our school caught on fire. If you read the article that this is linked to that's one story. I have another one.
It was I guess the first of February and about 3 weeks into rehearsal for the school musical "Fiddler on the Roof," the cast of about 30-40 people were sitting the old chorus room waiting for things to start.

The 3:05 bell rang which told teachers to start drink...OH wait go home. About 10 minutes later I remember Jenny walking into the room and going "Um..guys, there is...uh a lot of black smoke in the hall."

We all looked at each other and said to ourselves "What?"

So being the the inquisitive person that I am myself and a few others walked outside the doors into the hall. Sure enough there was a haze of black smoke filling the hallway.

So we darted into the room and said "Hey everyone let's get the hell out of here, the school is on fire."

Mow we didn't know for sure where the fire was at or if there was an actually fire. But something was causing this smoke. So in a mad panic we all ran slightly ducking under the smoke and ran outside. It was a drizzly day and we stood there watching the door seeing that everyone was out and then through a window we see a flame.

The Home Ec room was on fire. That was my home room at the time. Some people on the outside thought hey cool the place is on fire the others just silently stood and watched. The sound of shock and nothingness was disrupted by the sound or breaking glass. One of the tiny squares exploded then another. It was like a machine gun knocking-out the windows. There was black smoke billowing through the air now as more windows broke and flames shot out.

I sat there and thought "Where the hell is the fire department?" A few minutes later they came and tried to put out the fire which spread to the second floor. We stood their was our rain soaked expressions and found ways to get home. We were off for 3 days.Good thing the place was being remodeled it made demolition a lot easier.

I think the thing the bothered me was when we returned the vice-principle, Cliffy, as he was called by the students gathered us in the gym, as the auditorium was being remodeled, and proceeded to scream at everyone. Claiming "You are all responsible for this!" It looked like Howard Dean giving his famous speech now that I think about it. I thought the whole time "What a DICK!" and made me hate high school more. It was never solved the how or why of this fire, but they said some sort of fire speeder upper( Dead serious their) was used.

That's my random memory.



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