Thursday, March 17, 2005

Super Nanny can get you Drunk!

So, I have become obsessed with that ABC show Supper Nanny to the point when it's on, my sister and I start talking in English accents. I know sounds childish for a 23 and 24 year old, but it makes us laugh. I cannot believe that so many parents have these problems that their kids are trying to kill one another.

But that is besides the point of this entry.

Are you ready for Super Nanny: The Drinking Game!

Since there are so many predictable sayings in this show, I have determined it would be a fun game to play on a boring Monday night so here are the rules:

1) When Jo stares into the camera with that "What's going on here face," you take a drink.

2) When you hear Jo say, "That is not acceptable!" you take 2 drinks! And yes it is the most heard phrase.

3) When she says routine,technique, kisses and cuddles take another drink.

And by that time you should be a half hour into the show passes out drunk!




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