Thursday, March 24, 2005

Supermarket Sweep

Remember that show where people ran around a supermarket trying to get the most groceries? Well I do!

This brings me to where at the end of the “sweep” when the “official checkers” come in and tally up everything. Now I know what you are thinking “What the hell does this mean?”

Well let me explain.

I was sent to the store to pick up four items. I obtained those items and went to the check-out counter and saw that the 8 items or fewer was long with the slow older gentlemen working the registrar. He’s a nice guy, but slow. The other lanes were filled with customers with full buggies. No problem there because I was heading for a quick and easy self check-out, or so I thought.

As I approached I saw that all lanes were full. I thought, “Ok they probably have a few things,” but I was wrong. Why do people think that when they drag around two shopping carts of food, that they can quickly check themselves out. What happens is they get confused by the speaking machine that tells them to “Scan items and press finished when done.”

So after they look for the bar code and scan they get confused and then press the help button and a worker came over and did it for them. What the hell is the point of self check-out when all they do is get some to do it for them? Please use those machines when you have few items and learn how to use them correctly. Thank you!



At 9:31 PM, Blogger tlm said...

Exactly. Those morons should be in the regular checkout lanes, where somebody just as inept with the barcode scanner will do it for them.

At 10:44 AM, Blogger dotbar said...

What the heck! You have do-it-yourself grocery scanners!!! This is Vancouver for heaven's sakes and I haven't seen a single one here. We obviously need to catch up on some technology.


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