Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Little Shop and the Golden Girls

Ok, so I went to see Little Shop of Horrors. It was in town and the tickets were $25 through a special deal from work. Good show if you are in Pittsburgh go see it it's here until Sunday.

Why did I go see it?

I like puppets and how they work. Avenue Q is a good example too. But the best comment came from me of all people on the way out.

People were rushing out of the theater to the parking garages and my sister and grandma ended up in front of us me and my mom were stuck behind 2 older women. When we caught up to them I said "Sorry we fell behind. We got stuck between 1/2 of the Golden Girls!"

It was funny at the momet. In case you were wonder my mom said it was Estell Getty and Bea Authur.


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