Monday, March 14, 2005

Judge Yertle The Turtle Presiding, Everyone Rise

Ok, So I have never said what I actually do so I think to understand this post I will tell.

I work part-time (like most recent college grads) at a radio station in town. During the week I do promotions and odd jobs around the station, but on weekends I am on the air. It's really fun the people I work with are fun and interesting. I get to a lot of people on the phone and many of the Pittsburghers I talk to are interesting, sans the little kids who think it's funny to call and request stupid stuff because they are bored. But most are great and interesting.

"Ok, so what's your point," you say well I got a phone call last night from some girl who said "Is this the guy who also works in the cashier's office at Kennywood," yeah so I also work at an amusement park, oh well. In the end I hope my plan will pan out, that's a different entry all together. So I said who is this, like maybe they know me, the voice is unfamiliar so they said " Well, if I think I know who this is all I want to say is you're a prick. Have a good night," and then they hung up.

Now, a couple things here. This person does not know me very well. I just happen to tell things like I see them. The person who looks like the prick is the person who called. The second thing here is thanks for wasting my time as I could be talking to more interesting people. So thanks for judging. The best part is when I am back at the park they won't have the comfort of being on a phone.



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