Saturday, March 05, 2005

Strange Night

Ok, for some reason went back to my high school. I haven't stepped foot into the school since I graduated five years ago. Just the thought of it made me cringe, but I went. We went to see the musical. So there we were in the auditorium waiting for the show to start. I sat in the seats and realized how small they actually were. Their were five of us all graduated with 3 different years of graduation and one who never lived here.

I felt my anxiety disorder creep in at the thought of seeing some of these people, but all was well. Then the show started. It started ok then went horribly wrong. In high school I was in the musicals. We did some crappy shows but at least we had fun doing them. This cast was awful, they made this poor kid sing tenor parts he could not reach. And if I see another show scene that has a semi-circle staging and and every dance there is a circle formed that was rehashed from Oklahoma circa 1998. I feel bad for these kids. I get the feeling that the people in charge kept telling them how great they were doing and lied to their faces. Why do teachers and administrators do that?

There is no originality anywhere to be found and the talent pool, apparently, has shrunk. Or maybe they really weren't looking for talent, I don't know.

hopefully next year it's better with better people and staging/Choreography. Right, Poop?

Needless to say it was unbearable to listen to, so at the intermission we left for the bar and drank the night away, remembering why we don't go back to see anything at the old High School anymore. And don't say it's rude to leave during intermission, they got my $7 they could care less what I did after the money was taken.

Ok, that's it for now!



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