Tuesday, January 24, 2006

"Rember that Show"

Yippie Pittsburgh’s going to the Superbowl can’t wait until Feb. 5th, but today is January 24, 2006 and that must mean it’s a Tuesday and time for another trip down TV memory lane with “Remember that Show.”

So what do I have in store for you today? Well let’s see if the theme song jogs the memory:

You can count on me. No matter what you do. You can count on me. No matter where you go. I'm standing by your side. I'll be right behind. No one loves you more than I do, Put your hand in mine. I can see a part of me in you. A little something special that comes shining through. I hear it in your laughter, And I feel it when you cry, I will be right there for you, Until the day I die. You can count on me. No matter what you do. You can count on me. No matter where you go. You can count on me.

No takers, what if I told you Paul Reiser was in it?

Still nothing…come on think…got it…no it’s not “Mad About You” Welcome to this weeks “Remember that Show: My Two Dads.”

This NBC sitcom ran from 1987 until 1990 and never have there been so many mullets on TV at once just look at the cast picture:

See I told you!

This stared Greg Evigan and Reiser as life long friends, Joey Harris and Michael Taylor, and also staring newcomer Staci Keanan, whose real name is Anastasia Sagorsky, as Nicole Bradford, possible daughter of one of the men.

So the story went like this, a long time ago the two men both dated Marcia Bradford, she became pregnant and died shortly after giving birth and they were both named legal guardians of Nicole. So the comedy came fro two staright men raising a daughter who was being persude by two hormonal teenaged boys.

Other notable characters were Ed Klawiki, played buy, you’re never gonna believe this, Dick Butkus and Judge Margaret W. Wilbur played by Florence Stanley. She played the wise cracking judge who helped the two men out from time to time raising their daughter.

Lot’s of hilarity, huh? It only lasted three seasons but people do remember this show, I did, but I remember a lot of things. If you recall Staci Keanan went on to play Dana Foster on “Step by Step.” Don’t worry I’ll get to that show too eventually.

That’s it for this week, we will return next week with more TV memories with a brand new “Remember that Show.”

Later Days!


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